How To Copy Xbox 360 Games Without Using A Backup Software

Published: 08th March 2010
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If you are wondering can you copy xbox360 game
without using backup software and a original game disc as a source, this article shows you the simple way to download, copy and burn your xbox360 game onto a blank disc without using a backup software.

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Copying xbox360 original game disc need to use software to bypass the copyrighted protection by decoding and decrypt in order to release the game data onto your computer but it doesn't work for every game. The smart idea is to download the game you want for your xbox360 from a website source and copied on a blank DVD disc. This article will show you where you can download all xbox360 games.

How do you download and burn xbox360 games?

You will need 3 simple things to burn Xbox 360 games.

1 - Download xbox360 game from this website.

2 - A DVD burner in your PC.

3 - A blank DVD disk.

When you sign up for a membership at Xbox360 Download Center, proceed to download the game you want from the database. Once you completed the downloading job all you need is to follow the 5 simple steps below;

1 - Insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD-RW drive.

2 - Burn the downloaded xbox360 game data that you have downloaded from Xbox360 Download Center.

3 - Make sure you have a DVD-burning software (Nero) installed on your PC. Burn the game data onto the blank DVD disc

4 - Once finished the burning process. Eject the DVD disc that contains the game data.

5 - Insert into your Xbox360 console and enjoy your gaming.

Isn't it is pretty easy to download and play your favorite xbox360 game instantly without all the hassle of copying the game from an original game disc. There are more than 200,000 files available at 360 Download Center for download that include xbox360 games, movies, music and tv shows.

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